Cant get BLE with HM-10 to work

So I’m trying to use the new BLE feature, but seem to have some trouble. I’m using my iPad to connected to a HM-10 on an ardnuino Mega. I can see the HM-10 from my computer and send data no problem, but I cant get the app to scan or connect to the HM-10? When I set up to scan function the nothing happens not even an error.

Hi @jw01563daqgz,

Great you’re trying our new function - BLE! So, by using Scan function to connect with the device, first you need to turn on your Bluetooth on you phone from your device setting, then when you’re scanning in your app, I also suggest you can just use the Label component to show the status of connection (like this).

It can help you to identify the problem and confirm whether it’s connected. Hope this helps.