Cant create a row in airbase with new Drag and Drop, plu barcode scanner issue

Hi all
I am using the new drag and drop and I am able to retrieve data from my airtable but not write to it.
I don’t want to populate all the fields via the app as the database has auto number and date set up.No matter what I try I can’t get the app to use the bar code scanner or create a new row below is an image of what I have I have created an option to bypass the scanner and that retrieves the data but then stops. When I call the camera nothing happens at all. Please advise what I am missing I have the same set up in the legacy Xthunkable but want to try and recreate in drag and drop rather than continue in x with the development.

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barcode scanner isnt wrking properly

Is the camera? I am also getting the same issue for the camera after doing some tests. Also even without the camera I cant save to airbase.


yes it is for camera maybe try using advanced block of camera and barcode or also try creating a new project because thunkable fixed some issues yesterday

There was a problem in camera and scanner which is believed to have been fixed in the latest app, You need to update Thunkable Live app and try again.

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