Can't change text in data view and cant connect google sheets

OK, so initially I was trying to change the text in the data/viewer or list viewer to white. Found out I couldn’t do that while connect to airtable. Someone said I should use Google Sheets. So I transferred all my data to Google Sheets

Now, I keep getting an error when trying to connect to Google sheets. I have used different browser and have tried many forums suggestions as well. Has this been resolved yet OR whats the best way for me to get white text in my Data List Viewer or List Viewer? Would you guys suggestion Airtable or Google Sheets far as data. I’m stuck please please help me…

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What is your problem here, the Data Source or how data is represented?

Whether you use Airtable or Google sheets or whatever data source it will not have any effect on what color you display your data in your screen.

Can you clearly explain what is the problem and provide screen copy of errors or whatever difficulty you are facing?

I have figured out how to change the color of the data viewer as well as the list viewer, thank you for your response.