Can't access the flash LED of the camera

Is there a component which can turn ON and OFF the flashlight of the camera ? I want to create a flash light were this light is switched ON and OFF at a certain rate. The camera component does not seem to offer this feature. I do not want to use Thunkable classic

There is no such component, but as a crutch, you can create a button that will display a white Column. A flashlight will not work, but it can turn out a lamp if the device allows you to make the screen bright)))


Welcome to the community @rufus!!! Thanks for the great question! That is currently not a supported feature.


I will use Thunkable classic for the time being as it supports an extension to control the LED. If reasonable I am willing to pay someone the hours it take to develop a component which can switch ON and OFF the Flash LED. For me and maybe others it will be a valuable component for Thunkable X.

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Now it gets frustrating. Newbies are not allowed to sign up for Thunkable classic . There goes my idea for the flashing LED component. Without access to the classic extensions how am I suppose to create an app which controls the LED flashlight ? Any suggestions ?

Use software technology that works with a flashlight.

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Yes, I see Xamarin essentials support a flashlight but it looks far more complicated to make an app.

For Android try Sketchware, DroidScript or something else.

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Now I also need this feature. X-Thunkable team please listen to us! :wink:

this is time to leave thunkable and find some with camera.FlashLightON :frowning: