Cannot install the app on iOS simulator

Hi guys,

I need some screenshots for app store. I sent the download link for iOS to my email and click that in the Xcode simulator. It asks me if I would like to install the app and I click “Install”. Unfortunately, nothing happens after that. Do you know why? Or is it simply impossible to install an app from outside?

I tried the same steps in but had no success.

Any ideas?


What does it shows ?

Unfortunately nothing. I just click install after clicking the download button. Then nothing happens. I do not see the app in the simulator screen.

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Unfortunately me too.

Have you made the :

Settings > General > Device Managment > Rappidly and authorize ?

I think in order to trust the app, you need to be able to install first, right?

Oh I read bad, don’t you have an Iphone ? I don’t think an emulator is the right thing to test :confused:

I have an iPhone 6s and I need screenshots of 8 plus (5.5") and 12.9" iPad. :slight_smile: It is very easy to get the screenshots from the simulator. I can basically change the image size via PhotoShop but I do not want to mess with apple. They reject easily. :slight_smile: Do you have an idea how I can get these screenshots easily?

I have an iPhone X if that may help and if you would like me to screenshot things for you…I also habe a 7+

Feel free to DM me if you would like me to help.

Nice day :slight_smile:

Does the app work on your iphone tho ?

It does work on my iPhone. Do you have an iPad (12.9")? :slight_smile:

I do but go in DM for such requests !
Will be happy to help you