Cannot get data from Firebase in apk application

cannot get data from Firebase in apk application
in my application cannot getdata but thunkable emulator can getdata help me plz

I suggest you carefully study the documentation on the sides of Realtime DB and simplify your example, in which there are a lot of repeating blocks and completely incomprehensible use of the Timer component. What are you using this component for?

i need update data every minute and i have 3 key database

Why update data every minute if there are blocks in Spreadsheet and cloud-vars for listening to data changes in nodes?

my sensor arduino sent data to firebase and i need to get data from firebase show in label but i have problem

For cloud variables, updating when the cloud database changes

Cloud variables are unique because they can be linked to values in a cloud database which can be shared across devices. Once you have created your cloud variable, you can set it to update when the variable updates in the cloud. This block replaces the Add.Listener and DataChanged blocks in the Realtime DB. You can see how this works in the Gram app, which updates the pictures, captions and hearts when anyone else with the app uploads a new photo.

Thank you very much. I’ll try it.