Cannot create table that includes a video file

i tried the built in table and airtable, both do not work when i try to upload a video file that the user takes in the app.

Which blocks did you use for this? Can you post a screenshot?

tthe video is created and then saved to an app variable. first it’s displayed in front of the user using the video component, then i use the create row block. when i add different fields such as text but not the video, it creates it just fine, but when i include the video , it refuses to create it

Okay. It helps to have the description but without a screenshot or a link to your project, I have no way of determining why it’s not working. It could be something very simple that I can see.

What happens if you assign the variable to a text input’s text and then copy and paste the displayed value into a browser window? Are you able to view the video?

What does the video url look like? Have you tried manually pasting the value from the text input into Airtable to see if Airtable allows it or re-formats it somehow or throws an error?

And what about these questions?

no, the link it shows appears to be the location of the file on my device.

If you upload a local filepath to a cloud database, you won’t be able to view that video. You would need to host the video itself somewhere in the cloud and then add that url to the database.

See this: Video Recorder - Thunkable Docs

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as in selecting Cloud variable option, or what?

just looked through that link, i’m really confused. i set up mediadb, however, i’m not finding the block or component that allows me to call it or upload it or anything.

The screenshot you posted is from the Drag & Drop (DnD) interface but the mediaDB blocks are in the Snap to Place (StP) interface. Which one are you using?

I’m actually not sure how to upload a video file in DnD.

i’m using the drag and drop version. Had no clue what the difference was as i’ve only been using thunkable for a couple hours. Please let me know if you do figure out a way to implement storing videos with the drag and drop version.

Yes. You need to take the video then upload to cloudinary. Then you can save the file url accordingly.

The video block only returns the local file path which is useless once it leaves the phone afaik. You need to upload the local file to the cloud then use the cloud url as the string you save to recall the video later.

those blocks are not there in the drag and drop version from what it seems.

This is the block you need:

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This works for me:

Exactly! Great work :mechanical_arm:

that worked, thanks.

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i’ve got another question if you don’t mind me asking, i want a timer that displays the time until a set hour each day. i can’t wrap my head around how to get the difference between the user’s current time, and the specific hour of that day, and then display the time until that hour in a timer that counts down to it.

I would recommend creating a new topic for this since it is a different issue and doesn’t have much to do with this one.