Canceling iOS downloads

Hi Thunkers and Thunkable staff,

As a newb, I tend to download the iOS app often to make sure things are actually performing as intended. In doing so I quite often realize shortly after hitting “download” that I have an error in my code. At such a juncture I would ideally be able to stop/terminate the current download request (which can take quite some hours to arrive) so that I can amend my work.

So far, I have not discovered how I could terminate a current download request which I assume is in a queue, rather than actually taking hours to be compiled.

Anyway, it would be a handy feature to have, if it in fact does not exist, and it would very likely free up some considerable server/compiler time at Thunkable (or is that Apple in this case?) being used by my apps and those of all the other newbs like me.


Hi @lost_at_sea :wave:

Welcome to the Community - hope your enjoying your Thunkable experience so far!

Have you tried the web preview (in your browser) or the live preview on your iOS device? These are both considerably faster ways of testing.

Downloading your app should really only be used for a “major” update rather than a minor or incremental change.


Hi Dom,

Thanks. Web preview is great if you are building a website. It would be totally cool if in that feature you could select different screen options: web, tablet, phone etc. Then you could easily check the appearance of designs across different devices.
Thx agin.