Can you help point me in the right direction for an event app?

I would like to make an app for an event. One that has the schedule of everything that is happening. I would like it to pull that information from the internet, so that if a schedule change happens it will instantly be updated. Also, I would like the users to be able to pick items from the schedule to make their own short version of what they wish to attend. Any help starting this would be great. I’ve tinkered with an app before where I just used a list to create the schedule, but that is static and doesn’t update.

I Suggest you use PHP and MySQL as your backend and create a website from where you pull the information and show it on the app by using WebView component or JSON tools.

I have created two such projects in the last few days where I am pulling information from my website and showing it on my app which I have created for a Quiz for my daughter.

Here is the link to the project : PHP MySQL QUIZ APP