Can you help me with my DnD project?

Hi all!

i was just working on my task app when suddenly the DnD UI quit working
see image:

Am i the only one?

There are no console errors.

cc @domhnallohanlon @jared @jane


Hey @sketch

Can you try opening another DnD project? Seems to be working fine for me right now so first thing to do is ascertain the scope of this issue, i.e. platform-wide, entire account, project specific.


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Thanks @domhnallohanlon i just checked it is only project specific.

Have you done a hard refresh of the page?

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I’ve tried an hard refresh but it didn’t really solve things:/

Can you share a project URL with me?

Is this a new project or something that you’ve been working on?

What browser are you using at this time?

Can you tell me if there are any issues in the browser Console?

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It’s a new project


No there are no console errors or warnings

Are you 100% sure that’s the right project? It’s not a copy or anything? Because it’s opening fine but with no screens. Meaning the UI is working but it looks like a brand new project that you would need to add a first screen to.

I’m assuming it’s the same link you’ve always used and should be populated with screens and blocks but it’s worth checking your project list.

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Please try this :


I already added a screen, blocks and ui to it before this happend.

And it’s all gone now.

However its also reseted in the companion so it may be a server side issue.

Note though that Jared is clicking on/next to the + button at the top and this seems to force it to refresh @sketch

Seems like there’s something going on here alright, but if this gets you moving forward again then that’s our main priority

Out of curiosity, how much work had you done before this happened?



Sorry to hear of the lost work. thats definitely a different story. I was thinking this was a new project. We’re you doing anything in particular when this issue occurred?

I Just finished the main screen where all Tasks are shown.

I deleted screen2(where you can edit Tasks) and decided to move the task editor to the main screen.

While working on the dialog i suddenly couldn’t update any commponent and then DnD refreshed it self.
And then i ended up with a not working UI

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I must admit that it happened to me a couple of times and could not see a way other than recreate the project.

In both times it happened, I was deleting a list of components one after the other and suddenly everything goes blank.

In other cases that I was deleting many components at the same time the project just reloads and part of the deleted components comes back as if they are undeleted which I didn’t mind. However, in two cases I lost the entire project.

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Me too,
Couldn’t think of anything else😅

This happend to me aswel,
I didn’t mind, but the reloading and slow speed of DnD was quite annoying.

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