Can we get the images of whatsapp (only images or files from one group)

hi developers, please solve my problem, I have certain images, I want to sort them by adding a custom name at their end, I know how to add name but before adding name I need a way to get the images from only one group by using js or web-api , if any one can suggest such code, please give me, I have an idea for that as well, we need to upload them to drive manually as we can access them easily and may be rename them but how can we train our code to filter stuff like images from one group only, (my images will have text), secondly, can we access or is this possible??

ps: this question is asked by a poor child whose father was busy in job matters and unable to send him images. Please help me so that I can help him

Hi @VijayaKrishna,

You’ve tagged this as #off-topic - is your question related to using Thunkable?

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no, that’s why I tagged it off-topic

Thanks for clarifying

Is this some kind of emotional blackmail?

only if you think it like that but it is true. I just wanted a reply to my answer not something like this

Yes it is.
This Will only work on android.
Go to your systems storage manager or Any other.
Search for android and click media.
You’ll find a folder called com.whatsapp click it.
Then click WhatsApp.
Then click Media
And there you Will find Images, Sounds, Wallpapers etc.
Hope that helps.