Can we build an Alarm App?

Hello All,

Can we build an Alarm App for people like me who NEVER WAKE UP ON TIME?
(Plus feature - no snooze button and fixed time)…


Yes, you can. But I am afraid that you need to keep the app open in the background to work coz it cannot work while the app is 100% close.

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Hi there,
Just a silly imagination :smile::smile: (but it need to keep to open the app until wake up, unless you use Push Notifications
If you start to sleep at 5:00 p.m
End at 6:00p.m
You click the button at 5:00 p.m
Then start to run

When button clicked
wait 3600 seconds
Call a sound

Or use Device Block

Or use Alert components
[Optional] Repeat 1000 times
vibrate / call sound
Click confirm button to disable
(Just naivety :grinning:

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Push notification needs the device to be online so it can receive the notification.

Yes, so you need to keep your connection and activate the app.
However, the notification sound just once and lower. Maybe cannot let you wake up.

I will try every time to not close the app.

But, if I close it accidentally, and reopen it when my time is for bed, will it affect?

How could I use them here?

Use the “Clock / Timer” component to build an alarm app.

No, It won’t.

@Hayder Sir,
Can u explain?

This is me. I sleep through every alarm I set…



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