An Alarm App that should NOT have background processing

I Want to make an alarm app but as my app is always open on phone, how can i impliment this feature?

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Hi, @arnavchandanshiv0v5o, Welcome to the best no code app building software, Thunkable! Please check out these links on how to post in the future: How to ask Great Questions v2.0 + Community Guidelines.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask. Please ask your question in more detail, ask a more specific question, and maybe add some pictures, that references your question. You can see more, with the two links above.

Unfortunately, Thunkable build apps are currently not able to support background services on either Android or iOS devices.

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@arnavchandanshiv0v5o, thank you for editing you question to make it more specific.

@matt_conroy, that would be a nice feature in the future!!

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I think you misunderstood. I Want to make an alarm feature in my app which will be always on (like only my app would be running and showing on screen). Is there a way to do that? thank you.

An Alarm App would require the app to work in the background, (unless you keep your phone on and stay in that one app), and Thunkable does not support building apps that run in the background. So, what @matt_conroy said seems relevant.

Do you mean keep the screen on? If so, use this block in the device blocks category.


Yes, but the app is designed to work as a google nest display. like i’m making my own version of google nest display. So, by that perspective, i’m making an alarm app for an app.

@arnavchandanshiv0v5o, You know if you, use googles name (or logo) without permission, and you publish the app, you know you can get copyrighted right?

So, you’re trying to make a google nest alarm, into an app? I feel like making an alarm app, is kinda… the point is, is that there are many alarm apps out there, and I’m not sure if that’s the best thing to be building with Thunkable.

But I still have little idea of what you’re trying to do. Providing a screenshot may help.

im not using google’s logo, even I know that. this is the link of my project: Thunkable

Everything looks fine. I like your app, and you’re trying to add an alarm with google nest, is that what you’re asking?

if you saw the proj, it was like a home assistant display. So, I want to make the alarm app functional as you have seen, I’ve created the UI, but I could not figure out how to code it.

Its a nice app you have! I’m not sure how to code it either. Maybe hiring a freelancer can help.

good suggestion but I cant hire anyone.

no that feature is not yet there on thunkable…

like the google nest display which will be always on the screen if we turn on, right?