Can someone find out which point I'm making a mistake?

I think I exactly copied the code I want to build but it does not work in my application. I don’t know which point makes difference between mine and his work. Can you guys look this up and find some errors I made? I really cannot understand why it does not work.
this one is my application
and this is the one I’m trying to copy

thanks for reading and supports

It’s a lot to ask us to look at two apps and try to figure out what might be different, across multiple screens.

What is not working? Is there a button you’re pressing or something else you’re trying to do that isn’t doing what you expect? What is the expected behavior and what are you seeing (freeze, white screen, error message, etc.)?

I think @muneer made that demo project so he might be best able to answer this.


Sorry for inconvenience!
As you can see I want to build a dependent select data viewer. When I press the data viewer it suppose to show next screen with the data I chose but it does not work. Despite of clicking the data viewer, nothing happens. However, when I click the muneer’s data viewer which seems exactly same with mine, it works perfectly. I don’t know which part I’m missing :frowning: I wish there were some errors I could see but there is no error either. I’m starting to think my eyes are not good enough to find the mistakes lol

Thank you @tatiang , he is actually trying to copy my sample app.

@moeunlab ,
The concept is to have a temporary table that is always connected to the data viewer and every time the user selects an item from first list, the app will first delete all rows in the temporary table then will go through the main table row by row comparing the selected item to the info in the row and if found matching then to add this row to the temporary table.

I just had a look at your project and it seems after you compare the values you do nothing

In the if block you will add the matched rows to the table selectedCat in my example.

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Thanks for looking up my project. With your advice now I’m trying to reconstruct algorithm to achieve what I intend. Now I made the navigate button work but still the data does not appear. I’m going to keep working on it.

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