Can some help me how to link add page with list page

Sorry for my bad english, but can everyone help me about this topic i don’t know how to use block command for this i want to contrast list viwever and add list with same page

You should try elaborating your question a bit more and I would appreciate if you attach some screenshots of what problem you are facing and what you want to accomplish.

My problem is i dont know how to link block code
Frist picture is page code of page add and secone is page show data list and last picture is page add list i want to put text in gap and press add button for show list page sorry for my bad english

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I am not sure of what you want to do but I created this sample project on my understnading

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Yes it’s same like your app but it Different more bit i want to split page text input with show text page and have more text input for fill in grap

Its same like this web create new topic you press botton new topic and web let you go next page for fill in what you want to post have more text in put and when you press post topic show in another page and show just topic

I want to do this thank for your helpful

I would suggest you to use 3 buttons for all the three text inputs rather than using just one for all. Your program code is confusing the system about which content has to be added when “add work” button is pressed. Else, you can also use a dataviewer list for this purpose rather than creating a list.

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ok i will keep to do but you can tell me that my code is don’t wrong ,if that wrong can you suggest me to use command code

I’ve created a sample project based on your responses to this thread. I hope this will help you.
Check it out here:

Sample Project

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@nervermer03trqx If your issue got resolved then I would appreciate if you mark the answer as “solution”. This will also help people who are facing same issue (or may face in near future).