Can my app be a share target?


I’m completely new to Thunkable. I am considering using it to do a MVP

It seems to have an impressive feature set. But there is one feature I need I have not managed to find:

Can I share data from other apps into an app built with Thunkable? For instance, share a picture from the gallery or whatsapp into my app. I see the other way is possible via the Share Component


Umm…Luckily, You can. If you want to upload photos from your gallery you can use the component Photo library. I hope this helps.

Would this work in general? I mean, can I share text, links or photos with my app from any other app I am using (whatsapp, instagram, pinterest,…)?

I mean the share action is initiated by the user in another app…

Thanks again

No, This component won’t. You can only upload images from gallery in this. What kind of project are you making. Share me the link and I will help you out.I am waiting for your response

Hi @tchind

I’m not build yet, just trying to decide which platform to use. The in typical use scenario the user will share data while using other apps, so my app should be able to handle target share requests.

For instance, you could share anything on a whatsapp thread: text, link, foto or video. You would share from whatsapp and choose my app as share target.

I hope I explained myself better this time.


Hi there , I hope you would respond to my recent question?
Link of Question-Medicine App Problem of Reminder notifications

Yes , I think you can. You should start building then only you would get difficulties. Start building in Thunkable.I think you are good to go on thunkable as you can send the user notification , link it to firebase and much more.I hope this helps.

Hey @tchind, thanks for trying to help out here, but please do not solicit replies like this.


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Hey @javier.aragonesng0jj welcome to the community. :wave:

I’ve moved your post to #thunkable-cross because Classic is being wound down.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this directly but you could use a third party service as an intermediary.

For instance, Thunkable natively supports Firebase and Cloudinary. This means that you could push data from WhatsApp, etc to your preferred cloud storage and then, when your Thunkable app opens, you could pull that data in from the cloud.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @domhnallohanlon

It’s a real pity that target sharing is not supported directly.

For my app, avoiding any friction during sharing is critical. When sharing from another app, my app would need to show up as target to allow the user to specify a destination within the app.

Nonetheless, thanks a lot for your support.

Sorry @domhnallohanlon


Being totally ignorant on mobile dev, I read that in certain cases this is something that can be done externally, i.e. modifying the Manifest file. Would this approach be possible for a Thunkable app?

Thanks again