Can I use Indian Cards to pay for Thunkable X?

I have some membership related Question :
I am gonna buy the 20$/month plan tomorrow morning.
Can I use my Indian Debit Card? What else can I use as Payment Method?
Anything Important I should know?
btw, I am buying for two months only - till ~20 August.

Please let me know quickly, coz the payment will be done tomorrow morning.
Thanks :wink:



Your debit card should work fine, as long as it supports major credit card types like Visa, MasterCard, and even American Express. You may need to call your bank ahead of time to make sure they allow international transactions, and to notify them of the charge.
We also have an option to pay by PayPal. At the moment, it is only available for annual PRO ($200 USD/year) and not monthly PRO. Click here to pay using PayPal.
If you are only interested in purchasing PRO for 2 months, then monthly PRO ($20/month) is the option you would want to sign up for.

Thanks! :grinning: