Can I upload videos larger than 50 MB to my project?

So i read all the things the includes videos and you are asking for a link but I made my own video so when I try to upload it it does on come on the screen.I came across one thing so should it be a jpg, jpeg, png, gif, aia, apk, txt, csv, log, zip, aixfile?

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Welcome to the community! I think it should be an mp4.

it is
while recoding it is mp4 and thanks

is there an error thats coming up when you upload it?

could you share a picture of when you preview the app?

n to the o

could you share a picture of when you preview the app? k

two pics

opposite order do not judge me i like gaming and if you see nicely it shows mp4

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Can you see the video when you preview it as either a responsive web app or on a device with the thunkable live app?

thx for helping me

found somethng so idk what it meansScreenshot 2021-03-15 095729 and should a delete some of my projects


You have 50 MB for your app size that’s mean one
Video you will upload and you will Reach the limit

You can get a url link for your video
And it’s will working good


You could or try upload your video to use that link …


how to get more replies

i can not add more replies

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Yes you need your own account

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I do not recommend to upload it on cloudinary

There is a Bandwidth limit on clodinary

There is a better ways

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Right, thanks for pointing that out! Could you recommend @glenncronings3 a better way?


He can upload the video on Airtable

And after that he will download the CSV

And he can get the link from it

Yes cloudinary it’s the easy way

But with this hack on Airtable there is no limit
And the url will work fast


Good to know!

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same thing as last time if y do not know this it the prob so when i upload a video it does not work so if you want to help open this link Thunkable

link not wrkng

ok but can you help me

send some screenshot maybe

Did you upload the video and git the link as we told you