Can i record my own voice in my language and use as an app

I want do develop an app for kids to learn my local language. the language is not an official language and hence nothing about it on the internet. Is it possible to record my own voice and upload in an app that teaches kids how to speak the language? an app similar to the ones where you learn a new language. If yes, does it need coding? can i get help please?

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I believe this is very possible.

Yes you will need the coding blocks because you ideally want to arrange your app in levels and each word will have a corresponding word in another language known to the user. If your app includes quizzes then you will need to code the good answers and the bad ones and when the user advances to the next higher lever and so on and so forth.

I could be wrong but this is the typical framework of such apps

Thank you @muneer , all i want is a basic basic basic app for kids to learn their mother tongue. for example, if the touch the picture of a cat, it should say the name of the cat in their mother tongue. Is this possible? is there something similar in the market where i can block code can be edited to tie with my needs and add my voice recording? possible to get help with block code or aia link? i will appreciate

Here’s a very simple demo using a sound file that I recorded in Quicktime Player and uploaded to the project:

And here’s a dynamic way of choosing a sound file based on an image filename:

In this case, the image file is named cat.png or icecream.png and the audio file is named cat.m4a or icecream.m4a. If those naming patterns change, the project won’t work. But it will work for any files that fit that pattern.

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Thank you @secondaryaccount . I think what i need is help on how to upload my sound voice. how to code this. example, if i upload the picture of a cat, i need to record my voice saying cat in my language. how do i then upload my recorded voice and link it to the cat picture so that if you touch the cat picture, it says the name cat in my language.

My demo project does exactly that. The one thing you need to do is to record yourself saying “cat” in your language and add it to the media section of the Thunkable project. You do the recording OUTSIDE of Thunkable. Do you have a Mac, PC or Chromebook?

The rest is done by using the blocks in my demo.

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Thanks a lot @tatiang . Much appreciated. Can you please send me an aia link? I believe this can also work for app inventor

I’m sorry, I don’t use App Inventor.