Can I put a Label above top tab navigation?

How to make a label in top of the top tab navigation?

@irwin2004 the tab navigators are themselves a sort of container for the screens in your app, so it’s not possible to have anything “above” them.

Do you have a design/mock-up for your app? Do you think you could use rows & buttons to create your own tab navigator? This way you could have a label above the row.

i want to make the label like the word “GKA Gloria” in the top of the top tap navigation

Create your own navigation manually

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How to create it?

Do you know how to place buttons in the Row component, or do you need to show an example?

Yes, i know. But i don’t know how to put the row component and the button in above of the top navigation

Please read my answer again. If you want to do something higher than top tabnavigator, there is only one way - no navigators on the screen. You add all the components manually. You do all the navigation components manually. Label on top, row below it with navigation, and so on on each screen. Design and switching between screens - everything is done manually using blocks


Ok, thanks for the info

A custom navigator is usually far superior imo. Good suggestion from @actech and @domhnallohanlon