Can I open the mail app with a click of a button from a list of buttons alert?

I’d like to click a button and open the default mail app on the phone when the user clicks a specific button from an alert message in list of buttons, is it possible?

Hi there,

You can use the ‘mailto:’ URI to open a blank email in the default mail app.
You can read about formatting a ‘mailto’ URI to specify a target email address and email content here.

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@maxb, You might also want to check out our Share component, esp. the SendEmail method.


Thank you to both of you, but I specifically would like to only open the mail app to check the verification mail sent from firebase and not send an email to someone.

Is that possible somehow?
and could I link this kind of action to the click of an alert button (button list)?

Thank you if you will answer

Hey @maxb,

Were you able to find a solution for this?


I can’t really remember but i think i didn’t, I abandoned the platform as for my complex app it is too slow, like 10 seconds to wait for every single click, takes minutes to do any simple thing

I’m looking for this for the exact same purpose, just a button to open the default mail app for the device.

Thanks if anyone has any suggestions