Can I make a sign in page that is connected to google like it is in other apps

Hi i wanted to know if i could make a sign in screen option to login with google. I have connected my app to firebase. And please share the code too if i can make an option like that.


This was just released! Check the docs for the sign in component!!

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i read that
but i couldnt make out the code , i tried

@bhavyagupta0910gj6e8 Was there something specific in the docs that was confusing? I can offer feedback if you found them difficult to use.

i thought if there was a video tutorial it would be great and the code too

@bhavyagupta0910gj6e8 We’ll definitely be doing more things in the future to help bolster documentation and education for all things Thunkable, including more videos, so I can add this topic as one that is requested from our users. Have you checked YouTube to see if anyone has made a video on this already?

We’re not currently offering code to our users like this. For transparency, it is a suggestion we get a lot but there is value is attempting to make the code yourself–if you can try and do it and then post what you’ve made here, many members of our community are more than willing to help you get it completed.

thanksss, i checked but since its new no one has made a video

It’s a very new feature (I just built one out myself in the last few days for the first time) and I would imagine we’ll see more examples here and on YouTube soon.

and one more thing i installed the jdk as it was mentioned but when im puttin thhis - keytool -keystore path-to-debug-or-production-keystore -list -v
in the command prompt its showing

i execrated the keystore before it too as it was mentioned

Working in the terminal can be tricky. Did you download the Java SE Development kit to your machine already?

If so, the thing to remember with that command line is that you have to replace “path-to-debug-or-production-keystore” with the file path where your keystore file is located. So if you were working on a Mac and the keystore file was on your desktop, the command you’d want to enter on there is

keytool -keystore /Users/username/Desktop/android.keystore -list -v

done both of them still showing the message!

I did just Google that error and found this article that may be of help in this case.

thanks did that, it helped, now i have done that but i dont know what code to write. if you could help for the same

Glad to hear that worked! The code for using a google sign in will work the same way as Firebase. Give it a try for yourself and if you’re still having issues, we can help further here.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 11.15.55 AM

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just this?

its not working

If it’s not working for you, can you provide a Project URL or screen shots of your design and/or blocks.?

“its not working” doesn’t provide enough details to help you. What is the value of the green error block if you set a label’s text to it? What specifically is/is not working for you?

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here is the link!