Can I edit an element of an HTML page by Thunkable?

Hi guys!
I need an information.
By Thunkable, can I edit an element of the HTML page that is in WebViewer? And can I also edit a JavaScript variable? If yes, can you tell me how?

Hi, to edit an html element, specify the contenteditable=true parameter for it. Create a function and edit the variable. You can even dynamically change the page or embed code using the eval or Function function.

But I want the html page editable only by clicking a button of Thunkable, if I set contenteditable=true everyone will can do it.

Data exchange between WebViewer and App in Thunkable X takes place via a web server, for example WebAPI and php-script, Firebase Javascript API.


There are no simple solutions. You need to be able to program at least in php and understand how data is exchanged between html and the web server

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For the complex problem there is never an easy solution. This is why my apps will likely stay limited in functionality. I don’t have time to learn other programming languages for now :frowning: