Call Random Rows from Airtable

I have built a table on Airtable, in which every row contains a title, an image and some text.
I’m currently using a Data Viewer Grid to retrieve all rows from the table and display each of them as a separate clickable image, using thunkable.

What I was hoping on doing instead, is to RANDOMLY display only 2-3 of these rows on the app as separate images, instead of all of them, like it’s shown in this case.

How would I be able to make it so that the app randomly selects 2-3 rows from my table every 24h and then displays them using the Data Viewer Grid?

Thank you for your help, I’m really new to this and I’m trying to make an app for my friends.

To make your app work for mulitple users, I think it will be a challenge to used the data viewer grid. You might look at using cloned objects combined with the AirTable Get Row and the Math function Random number.