Calculate value from text boxes

There is any way to calculate a value from text box data entry and show it in another text box?

Alejandro Castrejon

of course is very simple just read the documentation you’ll find it very easy

How complex mathematical expression you want to use in the Text box? You can set an example of one of the most complex expressions?


Here’s an example of calculating based on values from the TextInputs @itcare.desarrollosiw:

Is this what you’re looking for??

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Im looking for a event o trigger when the user enter a Quantity in a textbox and unit price in another textbox automatically calculate the first one by the second one and show it in the Total textbox

¿Its that posible without press a button for the calculation?

Use a timer.


Thanks I thought that, by I’m want to avoid getting more problems, so i will add a [Calculate] button.

Thanks to all who spend time to help

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Alejandro Castrejon

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Here’s my approach @itcare.desarrollosiw:

Pretty happy with how it turned out actually: