Button text not correctly rendered on ios

hei, i got starting use thunkable, and consider use it for my next project.

but things that quite annoys me is, when i’m using button, the text is not rendered at center on the companion app, meanwhile in the android and web preview is rendered correctly.

my project link:


i’ve already browse this forums, but found no satisfying answer to address the issue.
anyone can share, how to make the text rendered correctly at the center of button (like the normal button should do).

i really appreciate for any helps and work around.
Thank you

You can try to set height to fit content and play with padding up and bottom to set the right alignment

I’m sorry but the padding seems to work like a margin

thank you for the response…

but, really? how do you guys using button on ios devices?
are you just tolerate it or it doesn’t happened to you?
or you use label styled button?

I was out of thunkable for very long time , there was the classic version. Now I’m studying the new drag and drop version so for now I can tolerate some bugs.
We have to wait some thunkable’s staff.
Have a nice day

thank youu for your response…
wish you have a great day…

well it’s very sad to find, the button generate from SiP editor will results same problem on ios.
so, what i do now is creating label that looks like a button, and add interaction into it.
but again, i think it is not efficient, both time and performance wise.

hopefully thunkable team has better solution to solve this problem soon.

And sorry,
maybe out of topic question i need to ask, is there any difference between free version and paid version of the final app build using thunkable (i mean is the pro version will get updates/workarround/tips to handle a problem like mine), since i considering to purchase pro version but this issue will be a consideration to decide a purchase.

thank you
best regards

I think no, the price table not shows any help about custom develope but you have to wait an official answer from staff.

got it…
Hopefully someone from thunkable staff will answer soon

thank you…

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Hi @dev.budi.purnomommle, you can find more about our different plans and upgrade if you so choose here:

well thank you for the pricing link you given…

sorry, but my main problem isn’t resolved yet about how my button got centered. any official workaround or trick can be use?

i’ve been using thunkable and very happy with it, but thing that hold me back is the button. I need to produce app that looks and feels “profesional”. I need to know before i make my purchase if my problem will have a solution or not.

thank you

Hello @dev.budi.purnomommle :wave:
Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the vertical alignment of the text.
I would suggest setting the Height to “fit contents”.