Business Plan User Needed Urgently


I got stuck here not knowing only Business Plan and Pro Members will have their App Free from Thunkable Splash Screen.

Pls! I need a member with a Pro Membership or Business to add me as a team/member on his or her Membership on a reasonable agreement and/or on a fee to complete my project as a I need to publish the project ASAP.

Am a College Student and a Thunkable Starter I need your help till am able to afford Business membership.


Anyone with Business membership? Pls lease me a space on your Business Plan. With a REASONABLE AGREEMENT Pls Urgent!

Please stop spamming the forum by posting the same thing over and over. Just patiently wait for someone to reply.

I hate to sound crass here, as I understand that cost can be prohibitive, but if you’re app does well and is a solid money maker, then nobody will care about the beaver that appears for a split second. Follow it up with your own splash screen.

There are so many successful Unity built games that still display “made with Unity” in their splash screen.

The cost is relatively low to get your product on the store even without the Beaver splash screen when compared against any traditional development costs.

That said, is there a particular reason you need V1 of your app to be shipped without the beaver. Do you feel that will greatly impact adoption of your app and if so, what leads you to believe this? Do you have evidence of consumer behavior trends performing poorly in cases like this?

I’d love to help you get V1 out, learn some ways to monetize your app and further support your business.

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Really you’re a programmer as I see it! You only see texts, you dont read them.

I neeed a Business Plan owner to help me pls!

Going by your posts it seems you would be a nightmare to work with. Good luck to anyone who wants to help you.

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That’s an insult and abuse you know?! Pls stop, let who’s giving me a hand come.

It’s very unlikely that someone who paid for a Pro/Business account is going to offer to publish an app for you. When I used a different no-code solution for add development, this was not even allowed in the terms & conditions for using the product. I’m not sure if that’s also the case for Thunkable.

So it seems you have two options:

  1. Pay for a membership.
  2. Publish/test/use the app “as is”

But please stop posting requests for this. You’ve made your request and if someone is able to help, they will let you know. Otherwise, it just becomes spam on the forums.


I wanted to follow up here and ask:

Would a month of Pro not be enough for you to get your app published? It would probably cost the same as being added to someone’s Business plan if you can even find a user to let you do that.

Be mindful though, that means they’d have to share username and password with you since business accounts don’t have multiple “seats” on the account. It’s a 1 developer account.

What kind of app are you building? :slight_smile:

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