Bug with restoring values from the storage

Hi! I think there is a bug with restoring values from the storage - if you saved the value into a storage, for example from a slider or switch, and then restore this value, then only the position of the thumb changes, but not the value. Accordingly, no functions are performed inside the slider block.
In Thunkable classic everything worked as expected

here is anapplication for example - https://x.thunkable.com/copy/aa75db1b58e2f01f25ba2c8b852b4cc7

Thanks for sharing this example - I can’t get it work either @mrHeadyHead.

I think the issue is with the use of lists? In the case of your app, is it possible to use individual variables rather than trying to store every value in a single list variable?

Hello! Unfortunately, the problem is not with the lists. Blocks are not executed with individual variables also. I created an issue report on github - there are examples with individual variables, and a little discussion of the problem.