Slider Issues creating rows

HI thunkers!
I need to finish up my App very fast,but the issues am having are
(1)The feedback screen which has a slider for ratings is giving me a error text,“Problem Creating row”
(2)I want the app to store the userID so they don’t need to fill in their details when signing again .when i used Local storage -it shows a null in the Text input,and Stored variable not working.
Showing blocks walkthrough won’t be a bad idea either

Your support and assistant will be much appreciated,thanks in advance

Is local storage not working? This is strange. If you need to quickly finish the application, then give it a link.

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Thanks for always

I don’t see the blocks for working with local storage on the first screen, so I can’t say anything.

oh no,i removed it when its so annoying

Should re-try and share it again

Yes, for a start we need to understand the problem is that the blocks do not save data in the local storage or you have connected the blocks incorrectly and therefore they do not work.

I saw your previous example a few days ago and the data in the local storage was saved. But it seemed to me that they were not saved the first time, but after re-saving. Did you have a similar situation when you save data in the local storage for the first time, but they are not saved or are they saved only when they are saved again?

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Hey,it’s done…its now working working,
But still struggling with the slider-it still shows “Problem creating row”

If you received the “Problem creating row” message, then you need to carry out step-by-step debugging to find out the cause of the error — whether all the access parameters are specified correctly, what data is passed, etc.