Bug reports and feature requests cleanup on Git

To the Thunkable devlopers:

Hey guys, I think it would make sense to take some time to clean up the bug reports and feature request list on Git (https://github.com/thunkable/thunkable-issues/issues) and actually share with us which of the bugs are currently being remediated and which are in the pipeline. We really appreciate seeing new features but at some point, we need to get rid of the bugs affecting the existing ones.

We do understand that the list first needs to be cleaned up as plenty of the open reported bugs seem to be solved but there are many which are not. If Git becomes no man’s land then users might end up not submitting bug reports at all.

Is this something you could facilitate in the following days?



Thanks for your helpful feedback and recent suggestions - we want to make everyone’s experience as positive as possible.

As it happens we were only discussing the Github public repo yesterday…perhaps we can set it as a goal to get done by the end of the month?


I agree that it would make more sense to clean it up and also let people know what is currently worked on or a rough timeline how long you expect a bug to take until it is solved.

Right now when I look at the list the impression is like there are hundreds of bugs and not really that much updates / information on what is going on behind the scenes.

Idk but is there an option to mark issues with different states? like high priority, medium priority, on hold,…? I also think it would be helpful to re-do the templates and perhaps remove the Thunkable Classic options/issues since it will be discontinued anyways.

best, Chris