Add listener for Cloud Variable


I note with regret that the last post mentions a lot of bugs or similar.
Each of us has in mind the block, function or widget that is missing for our application.
As far as I’m concerned, it’s the block that would listen to its database with the cloud variables.
The eminent @muneer has already raised the issue. The Thunkable team would study the thing but no news. And I don’t want to use a timer to read data.
The possibility of deactivating an input, I would also like… :expressionless:

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Can you link to the last post?

Have you submitted a feature request for this on GitHub?

@conroy33 - I’m curious if there’s a dedicated staff member reviewing the GitHub posts? It seems like the activity has quieted down and I’m hoping someone is still active there.

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@tatiang @bibbi Yes, I still look at them. We’re deciding whether GitHub is still the best way to communicate feature requests.

Beyond having the bandwidth to implement the requests, do either of you have any suggestions or idea for how you would like to see feature requests done?

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What I like about GitHub is the ability for staff to tag feature requests and bugs and for us to see the tags so that we know what has been escalated, what’s under consideration, what’s identified as a known bug, etc. So if a different system were used, I’d hope it would still have that type of transparency.

At the moment, seeing a long list of posts without any tags makes me worry that those issues are being ignored – which is why I asked – and I’m glad to hear that you’re checking on them.

Users really appreciate timelines so another idea – if it doesn’t exist – is to have a calendar for when things might be added/fixed. I know that can be tricky and difficult to deliver reliably but it’s something to consider.

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I don’t have access to tag currently, that is the only reason for that.

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