[Bug] Invisible text-input doesn't show paddings

Hi there :wave:

Note: I’ve been experiencing this bug for a very long time - apologies for being late. :sweat:

I have a column that has some textboxes in it, and it’s set to invisible - as I have custom-top-tabs. When the column shows itself (when its tab button is pressed), the text-inputs inside it do not show padding. Issue still persists if the inputs are in open (without a column).

  • Each text input of that screen has 15px right padding & 10px left padding & when the column is shown, no padding is visible at all - doesn’t matter if there’s text inside it or not.
  • But when I click on/focus on a textbox, its paddings finally appear.

Summing up, an invisible text-input does not show it’s padding until it’s clicked to enter any text.

Here’s a representative screen recording :

Please look into this @ Thunkable team