Bug in the "splash" screen (a loop not coded)

Hey dudes! My problem is in the video https://youtu.be/GJggkb8PNFU… and describe below:

When user opens the app in the first time, my code say: start the Blank Screen (Fig 1), test and then navigate to Screen1 (Fig 2. - the brown screen in the video). Just this… But in the video you could to see a “loop” that I no coded. That loop means open Blank > Screen1 > Blank > Screen1 again… How to solve this?
Fig 1 - Screen Blank

Fig 2 - Screen1



If you give me a link to your project, I’ll look at it.

@jefmor you should be testing for null rather than `false I think.

If Primeira entrada doesn’t have a value/hasn’t been initialised then by default it will be null and not false.

Hope that helps!