Bug, Horizontal and Vertical Arrangement Height and Width

The purpose of the simple program was to “Hide” and then “reveal” the horizontal arrangement. I never got that far, but found another issue first.

In Button 1, if I enable either “arrangement” block, the program becomes unresponsive. It continues to be unresponsive after the block is disabled again. I have to quit, deinstall and reinstall the companion in order to get the program to be responsive again. The same thing happens if I tap Button 3, which also sets the arrangement size.

MAC OS running either Safari or Firefox. iPad device.running Thinkable Live Version 8.0

Thanks for reporting this – we’ll take a look.

@KaneoheKid this should work now, thanks for find a bug!

The vertical arrangements (and the labels contained in them) are always visible , even when they are set to a minimum height of 1 (see enclosed jpg) or 0. Waiting for property Visible to set it True/False