Bottam Tab navigator inside tab navigator

how can i create tab inside tab

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Just nets the bottom-tab navigator inside the top-tab navigator. Let me know if it works for you. Cheers!

i tried that it works but , i didnt explain myself clearly . Here is what i want to do
first user chooses something in data grid list , and i want to direct them to another screen with another navigator tab , i dont want to see screen 1 ,screen 2 and screen 3 on my first bot navigator tab . i want to see those screens at my new tab . or i want to hide those screens .

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Remove the screens you don/t want from the navigator by dragging them out of it from the component tree and but them in the new navigator

See this image

I have a top navigator but I have my login screen outside of the navigator.

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okay now my second question is , i dont want to see my top tab navigator at my bot tab navigator

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Do you mean you want Bottom Tab Navigator? You can remove this and add the Bottom Tab Navigator

Or you mean you do not want to see the Tab Labels? then go to each screen and switch off the Tab Bar Visible.

what i mean is i dont want to see my top navigator at my bot navigator , i want to access my top navigator via data grid. @muneer

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Don’t put them inside each other. You can add each navigator separate from the other.

Go to the component tree and drag it outside and put it in the same level of the other navigator.

holy cow it worked thanks again,

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