Bluetooth Lightmusic


Good evening everybody. I totally beginner in app development and that’s why I’m asking a question.
So, I want to do a Bluetooth Light music. I have already tried to do this with 3.5 mm Jack and I did it.
Everything worked fine till I decided to cut off the cables and do it with Bluetooth. The problem is that my devices can’t connect 2 Bluetooth, so I decided to make a program that will duplicate the music signal and will send it via bluetooth to HC-05 to Arduino, and then Arduino will take this signal and so on.
Is it possible to realize that with thunkable, or maybe with another program?
(I don’t want to use any USB Bluetooth external dongles).
I will be glad for any help!)
Also if mistakes in my English will be presented i gently ask you to correct me) thanks!

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Hey @vektobus3a :wave:

Are you trying to stream an .mp3 (or similar audio file) via BT from a Thunkable app?

What software were you using when you connected with the 3.5mm jack?

Good morning)
I used Arduino, i connected it with cable to my computer and i was reading electronic impulses.
I want to make similar system, but this impulses will be transferred with app and Bluetooth.
(May be there is an easier way)
And i have already music app on my phone, i want only read data from my phone audio card) if it is possible.
Thank you).

Do Arduino make a board with an audio jack (none of mine have one!) or are you using a shield?

If you have a third-party shield then I guess there’s an ADC chip on board that handles the audio conversion, right?

This is connection scheme(don’t pay attention that is written in Russian).
I don’t have any ADC chip.