Bluetooth HC-06

Hi thunkers,

Have used HC-06 with AI2 with great success for all my BT Remote controlled robots…can I use HC-06 with thunkable.x.? I want to use 1 mobile device to be able to connect to any robot our class wants to use and I don’t want to have to change the app UUID every time…is it possible?

Hi @iainmorris111649l :wave:

When we tested this in-house we used a HC-06 and it worked fine for us.

There have been a few questions about this already that you can take a look at, and some of those Thunkers might be able to help you out too.


I tried to connect it using the official guide from YouTube but it didn’t help. Are there any other ways to do this???

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Hi @meleshkoivan5002lh96 :wave:

Moving this here because your question has been asked already.

Are your testing your app on iOS or Android?

If you’re on iOS, are you also using the location sensor?

using Android and iOS.
No, I didn’t try to use the location sensor, i don’t know how to use it.

BLE, on iOS at least, requires the location sensor too.

It’s just a part of the spec, you won’t have access to any of the location based features right now @meleshkoivan5002lh96 .

Thanks for getting back to me. Have searched all info on BT in thunkable.x …just can’t get it to work on IOS or android. Followed tutorial exactly event used Lightblue to search for UUID. HC-06 and HM-10 both tested. I have been using classic or AI2 for years it’s easy …thunkable.x is difficult. …No listpicker for thunkable.x ? Am I missing how this is now done?! Surely we don’t need to use third party app to search UUID’s each time I want to connect to a new device?. Thanks in advance. There is some info out there but I am not seeing anyone who has got it to work except official thunkable tutorial…which I cannot get to work.

I am having problems too. Trying just to scan for BT devices and nothing happens. This should work straightforward or am I missing something? Thanks


@lechuzn2 can you confirm you have Bluetooth on and your location sensor on too?


Thanks for the response: Yes, if the BT is off is the only respond I get on the error output. The location sensor should be on? It is but that is strange to me. I am using a Moto G6 android phone. I can try to compile the app and see if that solves the problem.Thanks

Hi Again,

I am still struggling to get HC-06 and Thunkable to talk to each other. I cannot find detailed instructions… Please help? I again have 3 schools and 12 terms of BT controlled robots to make apps for. The kids would much prefer to code with Thunkable and use their iphones than reverting back to MIT AI2 and android which has much less uptake down here in Australia.

You had stated in an earlier post that you had tried HC-06 in house and got it to work

“When we tested this in-house we used a HC-06 and it worked fine for us.”

Can you please show me how you did it?

PS - Unfortunately I don’t have access to thunkable classic and neither do my students.