Bluetooth Function for Thunkable X

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are there any plans for a new Thunkable X release (when?) , which includes a bluetooth function (compareable to the existing components in Thunkable Classic version?)



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We don’t yet have a release date for it but it is certainly on our list of to-do’s. It’s helpful for us to get more details on this request, so if you have a github account or don’t mind signing up for one, please add your request by following these instructions (We just want to get more details on this request and make sure we are building the right thing to solve your needs)


I’m looking for the same thing to connect to a bluetooth device that we manufacture and send HEX commands between the two. Estimated timing for release?

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Any update on Bluetooth classic on Thunkable X? I’m trying to make an app that checks the status of connected bluetooth devices and sounds an alarm if it is connected or disconnected.


Hi @thunktest1983z78flu, BLE was released back at the end of June.

You can read more about it here:

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Hi @albert @domhnallohanlon
Could you please add the possibility, inside your Thunkable X BLE Component, to transmit an uint8_t HEX byte array instead of a String (Text) as “data” in “Transmit” function ( And on the other hand to receive an uint8_t HEX byte array instead of a String (Text) as “data” in “Receive” function (

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Paolo, is your BLE receive block working?

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Hello all,
Has anyone tested out the BLE receive block? I have troubles with my project since I cannot get the receive function to work.

Hi @Phung_Minh,

What BLE hardware are you using?
Are you testing on iOS or Android?
Are you installing your app or using the Thunkable Live app?
Do you have the location sensor in your app?

@domhnallohanlon Sorry, I didn’t give enough detail.
I am using HM11 BLE module. I install APK file directly onto the phone (which is running Android 8.0). I have put the location sensor into the app but there is no difference. I guess the trouble might come from code blocks.
This is what i have come up with (Transmitting function worked out just fine)testing rx
I’m setting timer interval to 100ms and enable loops.

Have you tried this without the logic blocks @Phung_Minh?

So, every 100ms you could output the data to Label1 and the error message to Label2?

Hope that helps!

No, sorry

So, Houston, it looks like we have a problem :frowning:
Has anybody succeeded in receiving any data over BLE?

neuheisser… can you list the BLE device names? I have been trying for several days and have had no luck with list of device names. If you want a better background on my issue please see the post titled: ThX vs AI2 and scan results.
If you want you can contact me via email:

@jackmanjlskmv1xe, if you are not able to list device names still, Please see here. I was able to list device names. This was less than 1 hr of testing and trying different blocks. no tutorial used.

I first started by listing the names into a label. then by adding that list to a variable or an error to that label should one occur.

next i loop all items in the name list to make sure there is actual text there, apparently some devices transmit a signal without including a name. if name is null, set it as ‘no name’

then i displayed all names into a list viewer.

if you click on a list viewer item name, you will see the associated device id


@jackmanjlskmv1xe, did you see this. please try my example to create list of device names

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Any luck receiving a BLE data string OR Bytes array in a label?



Were you able to figure it out?

Hi all, See this FANTASTIC solution [Solved] Bluetooth LE Transmit Byte Array to TRANSMIT RAW HEX DATA using BLE.

@domhnallohanlon please share to the community.