Thunkable X Bluetooth LE send & receive HEX data


I need to send some HEX values like A00101A2 to a bluetooth relay but unfortunately I can’t get it to work with the BLE component. The Device is sucessfully connected via UUID but I will always receive “Can’t write the charasteristics provided” :frowning:

best, Chris

Nobody who has an idea? It really seems like it is quite essential to be able to handle HEX values with BLE because now another device I want to read data from also seems to provide mostly in HEX and I only get a sign as response for all values that are in HEX according to docs… only values that come in ascii work :frowning:


I don’t think the current implementation will support this - but we can add it to the list of requests for future updates.

In the meantime, what device are you sending HEX to? is there any way you can do the conversion (or a lookup table?) on the device side, rather than the app side?

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It would really be awesome because right now I cannot work with the BLE component until I find a way to convert the values :frowning:

Unfortunately I can’t… One device I wanted to use is a BLE relay that turns on/off power when receiving certain HEX values. The other device I wanted to work with is a vaporizer where I wanted to create an app that reads values like temperature, battery,… and also set values… Unfortunately mostly all values are HEX… I think this might be the same issue why I never managed to get my electric scooter to work ^^

No expert but if BLE devices often use HEX to communicate it would really make sense to add this feature :see_no_evil: or maybe I am just not lucky with my devices… For the relay I could try replacing it with an Arduino - never worked with that before but I guess you can set it up to NOT use HEX values :thinking: Unfortunately that does not work for BLE devices I already have and that would be much fun to implement into own apps…

Best, Chris

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I actually just got something like this too (pretty sure it works on WiFi though?) but I can take a closer look.

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just wanted to check if this is possible by now?

Best, Chris

I don’t believe anything has changed with respect to Bluetooth features. But it should be possible to receive HEX data and parse it for specific values you need. It’s not simple but there are a few threads here that deal with that topic. As for sending HEX, I honestly have no idea.

I made something that can convert the hex into regular numbers (base 16 to base 10) so, if you figure out the connection issue, this will give you proper numbers.

If you copy the blocks exactly, it shouldn’t matter how large the text is. It detects the size and uses it to set everything up

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Hi Chris
I am working on a project with a colleague I build the hardware and the app and he the firmware on an “ESP32”, all ininput and output data are in hexadecimal format; when I send a “data” I do it as a text, so I send for example the text “A2F3”, when I receive, before processing the data I am forced to convert it from “HEX to DEC” with a series of blocks, as he rightly advised " bluerfox15uht9 ".
This is currently the only way to operate.
It would be nice if the “Thunkable” staff allowed to deal with “HEX” values in mathematical format.

I’m sorry, is it not possible to send a string of numbers to a device? id imagine that if the device was waiting for numbers in hex format, that it would JUST read the transmitted string as hex, no?