Block Editor blank screen for students but not for teacher

I am computer science teacher new to Thunkable (though I have used App Inventor before). Everything seems to work just fine for me in our computer lab, but when any student tries to go the the Block editor the screen blanks out.
Clearing cache and changing browser gives the same problem.
I suspect there is some kind of student restrictions that are not allowing Block editor to work. We may have restricted .exe files from running or something. Anyone else out there have this issue?

I do have the issue where my students’ project page is blank sometimes. But a hard-refresh usually fixes it.

Thanks for the reply.I tried hard refresh, clearing cache, different browsers… still the same thing. I wonder if thunkable block editor requires and executable file to run or something and our network admins have blocked that for students? I may have to ask them to open that up.

I’m a network admin but we run Thunkable on Macs. I haven’t had any issues that can’t be fixed by a refresh/cache clear. But could be, yes.

Just one thing to note here. If any user opens a read only project, the block screen will be without design blocks and if the screen has no codes, it will look like an empty page/screen.

Thanks for the reply. This is not the case here. This is a brand new project. Buttons added in design. Block tab clicked on… Blank screen appears with no ability to do anything.

We are using Dell PCs for this. I may experiment on Macs in another lab. Thank you.