Block Code Container Feature

What about a “Container” to wrap a big part of blocks so to let the user move it somewhere in the screen (in an unique action)?? It could be usefull to move variable definition for example. Just wrap them in a Container block. Actually i use this tricks for code blocks. I put all the code in a function block and move it all together or, just to speed up the copy, i put all the blocks i need into a function block, copy the block and then remove the function block…:slight_smile:

Hey @sirfrancisdrake,

You could achieve something like this with functions.

You can also collapse blocks by right clicking on them and selecting collapse.
This will turn any amount of nested blocks into the size of one block. This is great for when you have working code that doesn’t need touched, and it can be moved out of your way.

Is this what you were looking for?

Sorry i think i sent the answer as PM by email!! I apologize!! Doing it for the community in the response email i said:

yes i know the collapse function…however i was thinking as a sort of basket expacially for variable declarations… if you have to move them you need to do one by one. If you collect them into a container than you move all together!


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