Bird-E-Dentifier - Bird Identifier

Hello There!
As Some Of You May Know Im A Part Of eImpact. A Small Group That Helps Make The Community The Better Place. Im One Of The Techy Ones Of The Group So I’ve Been Making Apps For Our Projects. I Just Released The First Alpha Of Our First App Bird-E-Dentifier. We Are Releasing Updates Constantly And Adding New Birds Frequently. I Hope You Enjoy The App And Hope You Download It! Please Report Bugs, Problems, And Request More Apps By Clicking Below!

Download: This Version Is Discontinued
Please Report Bugs Problems, And Request Birds By Clicking Here


Don’t forget your download link! :grinning:

Wow Im A Smart Person @domhnallohanlon

I like your clean design.

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Thanks I Spent Alot Of Time On That Part!

FYI - in the Play store, your website link is broken – it goes to (missing the ‘e’ in developers)

Yes I Know. I’ve Tried To Change That Many Times And I Couldnt Get It To Work. I think I fixed it now. I was changing the wrong website field.