App Name : A Bird Chase

I have created app ‘A Bird Chase’ this month and now available in Play Store. I am civil engineer and now making app…many thanks to Thunkable who has made app making so easy. My app is simpe, easy to play and interesting also. I used side bar also but without sidebar extension. I have interstitial ad in my app also. I am thankful also to Thunkable community who helped a lot.
If any body can tell me the right approach to make my app popular.
I request all thunkers to please download my app and give your valuable suggestions.
Thanks… Anoop Gahrana

Hello @agahrana

Can you post your apps playstore link in the description instead in the title because currently the users would have to copy-paste the linkvin another tab and then they will redirected playstore page of your app. This makes the access to your app a little bit harder

Also some screenshots of your app would be good to attract more members to this topic.

Lastly, all the best for the success of your app :slight_smile: :+1:

Happy Thunking!

This is the link of my app.

Thanks for your kind suggestions.