BETA Drag Drop Tutorials

Hi all,

Does anyone have any links to any documentation or tutorials for the the BETA drag and drop? Am a complete newbie and really struggling to translate the existing tutorial information to be relevant for the BETA UI.

I’ve connected my app to firebase but struggling to make the sign in function work.


Thanks @colonelvernjgd71x,

There’s a short playlist here (but we’re working to add more videos to it at the moment)

And we have some docs on this Branch (but again, are working hard to get them updated)

Can you let me know which tutorial you’re specifically working on and I’d be happy to help you out with it.



Thanks, that’s great although the docs on that link don’t seem to correspond with the available blocks on the drag/drop.

I’m trying to create a simple sign-up but it doesn’t seem to work when I ‘live test’ it and struggling to work out why.



If you show your blocks you will get a better help.

The sign-in component has not changed a lot between the old UI and the new UI so the samples/documentation would still be valid.

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