Best way to exchange data with node-red


what is the best way to exchange data between a thinkable app and a node red instance ?

Is there an example for something like that ?

thank you in advance

Hello @muellerc0v! Welcome to the community!!!
Have you tried to use the web API component? Could you please try it and let me know? Or you could send us the CURL and we could test it for you.


i tried to get one or two of these measurements … it works if I tried curl directly from my Macbook.


it’s only an example from the web … and I tried many different thunkable examples and I understand your API guide … but I have a fault anywhere

If you use that url as the Web API url in Thunkable, are you able to see a JSON response by assigning the green [Response] block to a label’s text?

If so, what problem are you having parsing the JSON? What blocks have you tried?

No, I have only “null” or “undefined” as labels text

This works for me. Be sure to test it on a mobile device.

Project link: Thunkable (see the first screen)


You’re probably experiencing Cors issues I’d you can’t access that endpoint if you preview the app in a browser. Best to test from a device. Less you control the endpoint, then you can set your Cors rules yourself to either whitelist Thunkable servers or allow cross origin requests

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