Best practices on updating record in Airtable

Ciao a tutti.

I started working with Airtable instead of Google drive tables, and I’m very happy! I find workarounds to feed my needs but I’m wondering I’m using the best way to resolve my problems.

The one I want to talk about with you is how to easily and fastly update a record chosen from a simple list.

By now, I create a simple list with the “Get” function, then on click on an item, I retrive the unique record ID and I use it to update it with a “Patch” command. The thing I can’t able to do, is to hide the Unique record ID in the list. Now is:

As you can see, the ID is shown, to be able to retrive it with a workaround:

So with “txtIDrecord” I set the API/URL for the update.

I ask you if there are best practices to reach shortly and elegantly the same result.