Best approach to run offline but then update date when back online


I have an app which may be used in area where it may not have connectivity. I plan to have both a local and Airtable datasources. If the system is offline, any entered data will be stored locally and then pushed to the Airtable base when back online.

My thoughts are to have a timer that fires at regular intervals and fires blocks that check to see if the device is online. If so, it will then upload the data to the Airtable.

What I am concerned about is the verification that all of the data has been uploaded successfully and that no records are lost.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?


This is just off the top of my head but what about looping through the last column of data and creating a code from the last character of each row? And then after uploading the data to Airtable, you would check to see if a formula (or filterByFormula using the Airtable API) generates the same code from the data in Airtable.

Sounds feasible; will give it a shot.