Beautiful chart maker

Dude, can’t thank you enough for this outstanding job, my project has something more to offer now!

Has anyone gotten charts to work on an iOS device. I am currently stuck using the service which renders charts as images from a url.

when i use chart.js and the webviewer, i can not get a chart to load

The origin of graphs is not starting from zero. This is causing problems.
Any idea how I can Keep the origin fixed at 0?

how can you link the csv file?

Hi :slight_smile: can i know How you link a data from csv file to a bar graph?

Hello @roruan, welcome to the community! :sunny:

Are you using Thunkable X or classic? Also, have you checked the forums for any previous posts on this topic? You can use to accomplish this task.

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how can the values ​​in the global datasetList be retrieved from the textBox, so that their values ​​can be changed in the application

Man, this share is soooo cool!

Now I can put graph on my app, nice! :laughing:

I just found how to customize default graph color and transparency after 2 days experiment…my bad…so slow :sweat_smile:

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Hey! Are you on X or classic? This is a topic of discussion for X as many of us can’t get these sweet charts to work on the phones. We are using services like or

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How to change chart size.

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Hey @amornchai.lps28ud6u,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’ve tried so far?


I am getting this error when I download the apk file but not while testing on thunkable.
While testing on thunkable, the app is able to fetch the correct path(assets). But when I download the apk file, the app does not fetch correct path.

Hello guys!

thanks for this amazing tool!
But can you please help me!

Is there any way to create graph inside html doc and then just update it when new data is there??
I tried I modified file but it alwasy create new graph… I cant show you because I owerrited it …
Please if there is some example help me!


When more than 12 item … pie chart no have color… how to fix it ???


you mean to add more data?

you may want to check out chartjs documentation to figure this out ChartJS.html

Because there are only 12 colors defined in the .html file.

Just modify it, and add as many colors as you want, finally update the file into your assets

I built my app using Kodular. My chart is covered by another vertical layout. But this only happens on the first pass. When I changed my analysis options and generate a new chart, the new chart that is produced will be displayed properly (not covered by other layout). Can someone help me?

first I’d like to point out that you are on the Thunkable X website and the two systems are different infrastructures meaning what works there, may not work here. So their forum would be the best place to seek help.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.06.44 AM

Then, I’d like to point you here

at a minumum, yu would probably need to post pics of the blocks you are using to accomplish any resizing, if you are not, perhaps try to set fixed component sizes. i have issues using responsive sizing with items that appear/dissapear sometimes.

SOLVED! Thanks, should have thought of fixed component sizes earlier.

How to make a real time scrolling chart using webviewstring (without internet )

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