Beautiful chart maker

hello everyone, is it possible to change the white color of the webviewer background? so that the graph appears in the background of the app. thank you

Do you still need this solution?

yes thanks. Can you help me?

Hi. Have you tried setting the background color using css?

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I tried to put the transparent background but it doesn’t work, I solved it by inserting the image and playing on the opacity. thank you

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i want to take data from firebase and use it in the graphs but I can’t figure how. does anyone know how can I do it? i read a similar question in this thread earlier but it didn’t help me very much.
i do understand this part but how can I make the data like the numbers here be from firebase?


Instead of “list fom csv text”. can we not use airtable data? If yes, please guide me.

E.g. In the screenshot, you added 123,46,567,357,754. I want to add this value from airtable cell. How to do this.

Thank you for this wonderful tool.

I used it recently and found it just right.

In case some are having difficulties, here are the blocks that work okay for me:

Wow I think the charts are amazingly cool