Beautiful chart maker

How can I display more than one chart in one screen?

use 2 or more webviewers

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Your App works great !

Awesome work keep it up

Cheers !
-/Aravind Chowdary
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Hello dear
Thanks very much for your post.
Please I have a question.
How can I import any csv file and make a graph with the data.
Let say, I saved a csv file called Education.csv, in the file, there are many rows and coulums, I want to import and some columns to make chart.
How can i do that please?

Hello im just copying it for a college work i have. Im following it by youtube tutorial, and i cant understand what is wrong here

what youtube tutorial ? have you download the sample aia ? this one, yeah i did

Checked with the sample aia, you will know where this “global type”…come from.

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Your block is incorrect. Variables are missing. See the video, there are variables that are dealt with along with the procedure.

Can I put the values ​​inside the graphics? I would like the pie chart to show the values ​​inside the chart. Today, you have to click on the piece to show it.

There is problem with old version its uses local variable change them to global

local and global variable have same names so creator of this Tutorials make litle mistake

there is no original method to do that, you have to do that by writing new method by your self. please google ‘how to show tooltips in chartjs’.

Hello, Brother the chart aia was really impressive. One thing I wish in that if we could make the background to change color or make it transparent from white.

It would be a great help if u help me.

The method you have given us is incredible, thank you @kevinkun . A query please, I would like to know how to modify the files to try a Horizontal Bar Scroll when the data is several and it is not compressed within the WebViewer, something like this Horizontal Scroll Graph. I have more than 50 data the compressed graph cannot be distinguished, I have tried to do as the example but it does not change the graph. Please help.

this is not possible since the chart is displayed at a webviewer component…
the only way to show any background image is to add it as background in the html file itself but as you will realize there will be other issues like aligning the screen background image to the html file background image…

Hello! How can I get firebase or airtable data and show it in graph? for example: name of the establishment, street, number, days of operation and times.

Hey @alexandresgl,

Can you show us a screenshot of the blocks you are trying at the moment?


Solution to make a image from graph

Hi @kevinkun,
is it possible to disable the animation of the charts when they initialize?

Great! Thanks. :grinning::+1: